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By Andrew Simpson

Last weekend I was at the Youth Off The Streets 20th anniversary gala dinner, feeling very out of place in my slightly-too-large dinner jacket amongst various NSW glitterati. The night was a celebration of the many thousands of people who have been helped by Chris Riley's charity over the past two decades. I found myself deeply moved and humbled by many of the speakers who talked about their experiences with drugs, mental illness and social disadvantage. One in particular - Normie Rowe - stands out. For the less temporally-challenged, Normie Rowe was a big Australian rock star back in the late '60s and early 70s. Despite (or perhaps because of) his fame and accumulated wealth, his daughter ran away from home in her early teens and was found by one of the YOTS workers shooting up heroin and taken into their care. It was a long road to recovery but she has since made it through university and the depth of his gratitude to the organisation was palpable. At the end of his speech, he sang an a capella version of Valjean's "Bring Him Home" from Les Misérables which certainly brought a tear to my eye. It also reinforced the fact that, no matter my struggles and accomplishments, there are people out there who have had it infinitely worse than I have and still managed to come out the other side. For them I have nothing other than the utmost respect.

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Status Update

By Andrew Simpson

So I've reached the middle of May and my brain has not (yet) exploded. It's been sometimes hectic and often stressful trying to manage work and uni commitments but so far I'm really enjoying my medical physics course. As expected, some of the theoretical parts are a bit dry (I'm looking at you, nuclear physics) but it is exciting to see the clinical applications of all the theory. Despite (or because of) the high standards set by our anatomy lecturer, I'm really enjoying that aspect of the course too. Having never done any anatomy whatsoever it is fascinating to get a sense of how the body fits together and how all its different systems work. The next month brings with it seven assignments and five exams but I'm hopeful I can do reasonably well as long as I start preparing now.

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ANU Open Day .. Or Not

By Andrew Simpson

So the trip down to the ANU Open Day didn't go quite to plan. I managed to lose my phone somewhere between leaving the house and filling up the car at the petrol station, however I did not realise this until I stopped for lunch halfway to Canberra. Of course, everybody's contact details were in the phone so a lot of stress ensued as I frantically tried to figure out how/if I could get in contact with people. Things would have been a lot less stressful if I had remembered that all my contacts are synced to my GMail account, however rational thought was largely forgotten. Eventually I managed to get L2L's phone number and we had some dinner and saw a movie, however I was not able to get in contact with jeremy or allycat. It was lovely to meet L2L at least and I hope she was not completely freaked out by my state of mind :P In other news, two weeks to go until the Flinders interview! It seems to have come around awfully fast given how tedious the rest of the waiting has been. Looking forward to the end of the process but also very nervous about totally screwing things up.

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