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Monash University has made quite a remarkable rise from its humble beginnings in 1958. A period of rapid expansion, beginning in the late 1980s, has seen Monash attain membership of the Australian Go8, reach 61st in the world according to the latest QS World Rankings and (perhaps most pertinently) 29th in the world (and 3rd in Australia) in medicine. The university now boasts eight campuses, including those in Malaysia and South Africa as well as the Gippsland campus which houses the graduate medical school.

Although its graduate medical program is a relatively recent development, Monash has been something of an innovator in terms of course structure, with a shortened pre-clinical period and an emphasis on clinical experience. Monash is also unique in placing a 60% weighting on the interview component of the admissions process.

Place Breakdown

Total Graduate Places Available: 90

Degree Info

In 4 years you'll look like this:

Jo(ann)e Bloggs MBBS


With the movement away from GEMSAS imminent, Monash has determined that only students who have completed degrees with a "substantial biomedical science component" will be eligible for admission. The list of approved courses is available here. From the 2017 admissions cycle onwards, only students who have completed specific degrees at Monash will be eligible to apply for entry to the Monash MBBS [1].

Monash does not require prior undergraduate degrees to have been completed within the past 10 years [2].

Application Bonuses

From the GEMSAS 2015-16 Guide:

Applicants who have resided for at least five years (consecutively or cumulatively) in Gippsland, or  alternatively,  have  completed  a  bachelor  degree  at  the  Monash University Gippsland campus that meets our deemed acceptable entry degrees or has significant  biomedical  science  content  such  as  the  Bachelor  of  Science  (Medical Bioscience), are eligible to be considered under this scheme.

Select the appropriate postcode and supply the dates involved, in the application form and submit required supporting documentation.

Required Documentation

No known required documentation

Other Comments

The 2016 admissions cycle is the final year in which Monash will participate in the GEMSAS process. From 2017 onwards, Monash will handle their application process internally. For this reason, deferment will not be possible this admissions cycle [1].

Criteria and Weightings

See the Criteria and Weightings page for further information about what the different weightings and criteria mean.

Minimum Admissions Criteria

GPA Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Overall MCAT
Monash University 5.50 50 50 50 0

Interview Details and Weightings

Format Ratio GPA GAMSAT/MCAT Other
Monash University MMI 1.47 100%

Offer Details and Weightings

GPA GAMSAT/MCAT Interview Other
Monash University 40% 60%

Admissions History

To see the admissions scores required for this (and other) universities in previous years, see the Admissions History page.


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