The University of Notre Dame (Sydney)

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The University of Notre Dame (Sydney) is one of two campuses of The University of Notre Dame Australia (UNDA) offering medical degrees (along with its sister campus in Fremantle). UNDA is a private Catholic university established in 1989 which is unrelated to its more well-known namesake in Indiana, The University of Notre Dame. Whilst the Sydney (UNDS) and Fremantle (UNDF) campuses are technically part of the same university, they are listed on this site separately since they have historically had differing admissions criteria and application processes and are preferenced separately for the purposes of GEMSAS.

Place Breakdown

Total Graduate Places Available: 120

Degree Info

In 4 years you'll look like this:

Jo(ann)e Bloggs MBBS


No known prerequisites

Application Bonuses

From the GEMSAS 2015-16 Admissions Guide:

In the scoring of the Notre Dame Portfolio, additional points may be given to:

  • Applicants with a completed higher degree of a PhD or Masters by research/coursework. Conferral of the higher degree must have occurred before the application closing date to be deemed eligible. Embedded combined undergraduate and master’s degrees will not be awarded bonus points.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants who apply through the general process.
  • Applicants who have lived in an ASGC-RA 2 to 5 area. 

Required Documentation

The University of Notre Dame Sydney (and Fremantle) requires the submission of a School of Medicine Application Form (SOMAF) in addition to the normal application form. The SOMAF is designed to assess "personal qualities and motivation to study medicine" and makes up a component of the overall score each application is allocated [1].

Other Comments

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Criteria and Weightings

See the Criteria and Weightings page for further information about what the different weightings and criteria mean.

Minimum Admissions Criteria

GPA Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Overall MCAT
The University of Notre Dame (Sydney) 5.00 0 0 0 0

Interview Details and Weightings

Format Ratio GPA GAMSAT/MCAT Other
The University of Notre Dame (Sydney) SS 2.29 33% 33% 33% (SOMAF)

Offer Details and Weightings

GPA GAMSAT/MCAT Interview Other
The University of Notre Dame (Sydney) 17% 17% 50% 17% (SOMAF)

Admissions History

To see the admissions scores required for this (and other) universities in previous years, see the Admissions History page.


Campus University
Darlinghurst, NSW The University of Notre Dame (Sydney)

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