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The University of Melbourne is perhaps Australia's pre-eminent medical university, ranking 9th in the world for medicine in the latest QS World Rankings (and 36th in the world overall). It is Australia's second oldest university, behind the University of Sydney, and counts seven Nobel laureates amongst its faculty and former students.

Melbourne has pioneered the introduction of the somewhat controversial MD program in Australia and, until recently, was the only graduate medicine program in the country that had specific subject prerequisites. Nonetheless, the course's popularity is very high and entry into the MD program is extremely competitive.

Place Breakdown

Total Graduate Places Available: 345

Degree Info

In 4 years you'll look like this:

Jo(ann)e Bloggs MD


The University of Melbourne requires applicants to have completed (or be in the process of completing) prerequisite subjects in anatomy, physiology and biochemistry at second year level before they are able to apply. A list of approved prerequisite subjects at various universities is provided at the University of Melbourne website.

Application Bonuses

The university offers students "whose personal circumstances have had a sustained adverse effect on their academic achievement" or who come from underrepresented social groups an alternative entry scheme via the Graduate Access Melbourne program [1].

Required Documentation

For applicants who have completed subjects that do not appear on the list of approved prerequisite subjects, a Prerequisite Subject Assessment Form must be completed to determine if the subjects will be accepted by the University. Those applying via the Graduate Access Melbourne (GAM) program (including rural and indigenous students) must complete an application form.

Other Comments

Note that (again, uniquely), the University of Melbourne weights each section of the GAMSAT equally for the purposes of creating ranked lists for interview and place offers [1].

UniMelb allocates approximately 22 places each year to an Extended Rural Cohort (ERC) scheme [2], a collaboration with Monash University whereby students complete the clinical component of their degree at hospitals and practices in regional northern Victoria.

Criteria and Weightings

See the Criteria and Weightings page for further information about what the different weightings and criteria mean.

Minimum Admissions Criteria

GPA Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Overall MCAT
The University of Melbourne 0.00 50 50 50 50 0/0/0

Interview Details and Weightings

Format Ratio GPA GAMSAT/MCAT Other
The University of Melbourne MMI 1.43 50% 50%

Offer Details and Weightings

GPA GAMSAT/MCAT Interview Other
The University of Melbourne 33% 33% 33%

Admissions History

To see the admissions scores required for this (and other) universities in previous years, see the Admissions History page.


Campus University
Parkville, Vic The University of Melbourne

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