The University of Wollongong

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The University of Wollongong ... (more information coming soon)

Place Breakdown

Total Graduate Places Available: 82

Degree Info

In 4 years you'll look like this:

Jo(ann)e Bloggs MBBS


No known prerequisites

Application Bonuses

No known application bonuses

Required Documentation

Applicants are required to submit a Portfolio to UoW as part of the admissions process. The Portfolio is a standardised means of assessing applicants' life experience and is used to calculate the overall ranking for applicants in combination with GPA, GAMSAT and interview score [1].

Other Comments

Note that UoW no longer discloses the exact weightings given to each of the components of the admissions process (GPA, GAMSAT, Interview, Portfolio, rurality score). The various admissions weightings presented here are based on the last known values publicly provided by UoW.

Criteria and Weightings

See the Criteria and Weightings page for further information about what the different weightings and criteria mean.

Minimum Admissions Criteria

GPA Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Overall MCAT
The University of Wollongong 5.00 50 50 50 50 8/8/8

Interview Details and Weightings

Format Ratio GPA GAMSAT/MCAT Other
The University of Wollongong MMI 1.80 30% 30% 40% (Portfolio)

Offer Details and Weightings

GPA GAMSAT/MCAT Interview Other
The University of Wollongong 50% 50% (Portfolio, Rurality)

Admissions History

To see the admissions scores required for this (and other) universities in previous years, see the Admissions History page.


Campus University
Wollongong, NSW The University of Wollongong
Nowra, NSW The University of Wollongong

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